About Us

RecoverME Academy is a non-profit division of Mercy House of Meadville, Inc, created in 2016 by life-long friends Joel Kightlinger, LCSW and Jason Shea. Our mission statement is to help you recover “you” through learning how to have a healthy encounter with yourself. We believe that once you can get in touch with yourself you can learn where to direct the healing you are after. Then you can in turn more effectively help those around you heal as well. We wish to do this by providing you with trainings, resources, and healing aids for helping yourself and others that are affordable, professional, yet maintain a personal touch. That's why all our resources come with a full money back guarantee.

At RecoverME Academy we believe our resources will help you not only heal but grow as well into the best version of yourself possible. And we are willing to invest in this because we further believe that those who heal and become healthy are able to nurture and help others as well. You see, we've come to learn that healing is “contagious” in that it spreads to those around you.

Now enough with the formal business. Lets get personal for a moment . .

In the not "too distant" future, our big dream and vision in starting RecoverME Academy is to one day fund a campus or residential center in which we come alongside broken people and not only help them recover but teach them how to be skilled helpers as well. Your kind donations and proceeds go toward this, expanding our services at RecoverME Academy as well as helping funding Mercy House of Meadville; a nonprofit counseling center and drug and alcohol outpatient facility working to restore hearts and homes in the community around them.

Mercy House of Meadville has also teamed with a pastor in Honduras, Donnie Allen, in establishing a Mercy House Counseling Center to come alongside and help those of his church, school, and community. In just a few short years the Mercy House in Honduras is already providing counseling services through a local counselor, with another counselor soon to complete college and join the ranks. Currently the Mercy House in Honduras is raising money for a new building and is now in the beginning stages of adding a Pregnancy Ctr.

All of your donations go toward this large yet very specific vision of helping others so they can in turn help those around them.

Mission Statement

Helping you recover “you” through learning how to have a healthy encounter with yourself. We firmly believe that all self-healing must first take place by learning how to have an encounter with ourselves. It’s in these encounters that we learn to sense and hear ourselves, our inner truths, how to tend ourselves and how to allow God to heal us. Out of these encounters self-knowledge and self-awareness increases. We are then better able to go “inside” to learn how to master what is “outside” ourselves.