Day 3 - Foundations of a Healthy Self-Relationship

Day 3

  • Watch Video # 3 “Foundations of a Healthy Self-Relationship”
  • Answer week 1, day 3 Guidebook Questions 1-8 “Foundations of a Healthy Self-Relationship”
  • Take 5min of self-connecting time

Guidebook Questions: “Foundations of a Healthy Self-Relationship”

  1. In what ways do you struggle with self-acceptance?
  2. Take a moment to create several affirming statements that you could use to replace these.
  3. Have you taken responsibility for the issues you deal with?  If not, describe your honest part in your issues, including your moods, your thoughts and feelings, and your actions.
  4. In what ways do you struggle with having empathy and compassion toward yourself?
  5. Please list at least one action step you could take toward overcoming this.
  6. In what ways do you avoid having a relationship with yourself?
  7. What is at least one step you could take to overcome this?
  8. Commitment Statement: Review your responses above.  Paying special attention to your responses to questions #2, 5, and 7 turn these responses into commitment statements below.  Be sure to list an action step for each commitment.  For example, “I will commit to walking in the woods and venting my stressors out loud.  I will do this each evening starting tomorrow at 7pm for fifteen minutes.”

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